If you haven't heard April is not only for fooling people on the first on the month but a month to bring awareness, attention & respect to the Autism Community! Now because I get confused with all the days, months, colors and their causes I will lay it out simply.

A is for Autism.
A is for April.
Multicolored is usually on the ribbon.
Blue is the color of Autism.
Puzzle pieces are the universal symbol.

So now that I have really confused you. Just know this - Autism occurs in 1 out of 150 children!

But Autism is not just a generic name or the diagnosis De Jour every Autistic child has a name and a family all of which appreciate the awareness and respect generated by information and understanding of all this awareness.

With that in mind, as a parent I ask you to not be so quick to judge when a child that appears old enough to not have meltdowns, has a meltdown. Licks, mouths or touches EVERYTHING. Acts up around people and gets overwhelmed by anything and everything. Be patient. Be kind. Be considerate that the parent could also be at the end of their rope too!

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