2 days a week I have 2 hours completely to myself and in those 2 hours - I make myself pretty.(and watch Gilmore Girls)

Do my hair, make-up even if I'm not even going out that day - it make's me feel good. A little ego boost. We all need those.

BUT this beautiful child obviously got a pretty gene that allows her go Au Naturale - That's right no curling iron, no mousse, no blow dryer touched that hair.

Makes me want to start singing Stevie Wonder "Isn't she lovely, Isn't she wonderful"


Jane Austen

Every once in a while a get a craving for Mr. Darcy.  

I can't explain it other than since the age of 10 I have wanted to be an Austen Character. As Jane says, my characters will have all that they desire. It's my guilty pleasure so to speak. So I had no other choice then to give into my craving, so today I started with Becoming Jane and next is Pride and Prejudice my favorite movies and a bowl of ice cream make for the perfect day.  

What's not to love about Jane Austen Stories? Always a happy ending where the ladies find love, a suitable husband and of course wealth - full of intrigue along the way. 



I LOVE going to Chicago!!!
I get to see my dad and his wonderful wife Kelly, their weird furry children Bee and Nunzio (cats)
Sleep in a super comfy bed, one of those Tall four poster beds with 20 pillows(no exaggeration required) Watch a movie (he has like 3000) on a 60 inch beautiful piece of technology while lounging on the most comfortably slaughtered Cow for my benefit, sipping on an ice cold beverage - and I can do this at 2 am if I want - Nothing Better!!!!

And to add to my excitement .... the element of not knowing - no precise plans have been arranged so it's all on a whim, what were in the mood for, stay in PJ's till noon, watch movies consecutively for 4 days if that's the game plan who am I to interrupt destiny!

I Love Chicago!

PS. go Cubbies :)



Maggie had her first official day of pre-preschool, oh yes they prep kids to go to preschool. It's rough these days there's lots of competition who's the best colorer, who's the best hand raiser, who's the best alphabet singer all very important on college applications in the not so near future.  
Oh but my Maggie isn't concerned with those things. She was more interested in following and flirting with the Teacher assistant, Mike. Now granted she has good taste, he is hansom but I thought I had a few years before I had to worry about who she likes.  

That's my girl, I'm a proud mother 


Magdalaina's Birthday!

Today, February 3, 2009, Is Maggie's 3rd Birthday! It is her golden birthday. She slept until 9:30, she wanted her beauty sleep I guess, But she doesn't need it :) Pancakes with maple syrup from yours truly and a morning filled with bubbles, bubble wrap and Veggie Tales .... What more could a girl want? 

Her Uncle Andy gave her large legos for her birthday he was so cute about it. He got them on a week when they were on sale. And double checked the age range so they wouldn't hurt her - He's so sweet!