Negligent blogging

Wow - have I been negligent in blogging.... My apologies

I wish I could say the past month has been filled with interesting and fun events. On the positive side I had a great relaxing trip to Chicago. Maggie was wonderful in the car ride and it was great to spend time with my dad and Kelly. I really enjoyed just having a break from the day in day out regular environment of MN.

Things of Note:
1. I cut my hair short - I cut off about 12 inches and more in the back - it's short of a messy blob - so quick to style and have had lots of compliments - see change is good.
2. Maggie is signing 'Please'
3. Maggie is also signing 'Movie' 'Yes' & 'Cereal'
4. My Ex ..... Oy (I thought he would go with some dignity but then he acts selfish yet again.... )
5. I received my court orders for the pretrial of my divorce (Prayers and hugs please)

That's the short sweet version - Stop reading there unless you wish to read my rant

Oy have I been in a rut. I feel like this endless cycle Maggie therapies, Maggie School, Maggie Doctors, finding Maggie's chewy and making sure I have Maggie rice cereal meanwhile I have nothing going on in Myk's Life - then I feel guilty for being selfish and then worse for feeling like a bad mother which leads to an even worse cycle - NOW I have to put some perspective on this situation. I have it so good, so lucky - amazing parents who have financially supported us through all this. Friends, far away though, who have been kind and generous. But it's the day to day activities that have just been weighing me down and making me feel like nothing is going to change.... I just needed to get that off my chest to try and be positive and know the light at the end of the tunnel.

we'll see