Maggie is one lucky girl! She is surrounded by educated, talented and very creative teachers and therapists who know how to teach her and children like her. Get creative! If you talk it goes in one ear and out the other so you have to use visuals. And lucky for her, and me, they are awesome! This is a rocket (2L bottle covered in aluminum foil and printed Nasa and American flag for decoration - cool right) She loved learning about stars and the planets.Ice cream anyone? How about cotton balls, paint and fuzzy cherry? Why Yes, thank you! SO cute! and Dairy free :-)
I can't possibly save every single craft project - I try and save a bunch of them but I do take pictures of as many as I can because lets face it no one appreciates a child's art like their own parent and noone is more annoyed by that parent, who pushes their own child's art on everyone, as every other parent on the planet!

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