Like every sane individual I do not enjoy going to the dentist. My dentist is nice and always thoughtful about pain and is willing to numb or give me the good pills before starting! But her gloves smell like cherry, that odd cough syrup smell. There are covers on the light that made them look like a cloudy sky. The TV is a nice bonus if for nothing more than an audio distraction from the drill or metal picks poking on my teeth, like nails on a chalk board. This morning I went in and they could only work on half my mouth today, which when finished made me look and sound like I'd had a stroke on the left side of my face. But I survived and get to relive the charms of the dentists office next week - because honestly it's really odd having half my mouth sparkly clean teeth and sore bloody gums(eventually will heal) while the other half is easily 5 shades darker and the gums are pink.... I'll just keep my mouth shut... And Floss more...

The real excitement will begin this summer when this beautiful smile gets to undergo her first formal cleaning. Yeah... I took her for the first time in January and they did a basic look over while I held her. The actual exam part was about 5 minutes of the dentist looking for cavities and any other noticeable issues that required immediate attention. I held her while she leaned back on the dentists lap - It was 5 minutes of pure screaming! Joy, just lovely joy. So you can imagine I'm looking forward to this summer's full cleaning. NOT - she gets to be put under because well she won't go willingly. This is a moment I get to look at my baby girl and say don't worry. Everything will be ok. I will see you soon. I love you. Your going to have an even more amazing smile when I see you soon! Go Sleep Sleep. And then as soon as she's out - I get to pray and hope I was being entirely honest with her. Why does everything have to be complicated?!?

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