Pick me up Karmin

I need a little pick me up on this dragging month known as April. It's the 20th, Easter is this weekend and it is currently snowing! Snowing!!! I am not a fan of this Mother Nature - why do you hate Minnesota?!? Were Nice! Monday I drove to class only to find out it was cancelled - which seems to be another notch on my didn't go as planned list (which is growing in length every minute)

So I took to youtube! Because nothing makes me smile for a moment more than a funny video! You can't help but laugh! especially when it involves cute cats. But then I came across something Awesome! I am a huge fan of creative people who share their genius and I get to reap the rewards of fresh new and different. That top 40 stuff gets old quick!

The group is called KARMIN and if you wish to enjoy click here!

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