Standards of my car go-to kit!
  • Diapers (Nothing worse than needing one, and not having one.)
  • Wipes ... Hello!
  • Hand Lotion, especially during riding season her hands get really dry
  • Sun screen
  • Chapstick
  • Hair ties and clips
  • Extra clothes, including jeans in case I'm not prepared on horse riding days
  • Chewy Tube (never can have enough of those babies!)
  • Board books (always great for long car rides!)
  • SNACKS! Juice boxes, cereal, dried cranberries, & banana's these rotate of course otherwise I would need more car airfresheners :(
And after everything is assembled and placed in the container I can put it in the car so I'm ready for almost anything! Um... sneaky hands trying to steal the chewy uh....
Oh Baby Girl - you are sneaky and clever but I saw that!!!!
I like to be prepared ... what can I say :) You could call me a bag lady! I have bags for the gym for school, for afternoon therapies, church, & horse therapy.

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