A couple weeks ago I took Maggie and her Uncles to a Reptile store, because of zoo has no snakes or that many reptiles. She makes a great 'Ssss' sound every time she sees a snake like her stuffed animal or if she she sees on TV or anything that looks like a snake, like an earth worm. And pet stores are always fun to go to with Maggie - but our local pet smart has maybe 10 snakes. This place add 1,000 - seriously they are a breeder store for the nation so they have stacks of containers, 10 high filled with baby Boa Constrictors. It could either be something out of a horror movie or really cool - still debating... I personally wasn't freaked out by the snakes that were confined behind glass in the store BUT more by the odd people coming in to buy food to take home which got me thinking who is my closest neighbor who owns a snake would could eat me....

She was in love!

Lots of 'WOW's

Cute right? In my home... :( Maggie you can have a dog
If they weren't behind glass I'm pretty sure Maggie would have tried to hug it.

This is hard to see (sorry all these photo's were taken from my phone) but this baby boa constrictor is eating his breakfast... crazy!

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