Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!? Or in this case imitation is my way, as a 3 year old, to figure out why on earth Maggie does that! I think Neela concluded that she still has no idea what Maggie is so fixated on, Why it feels so good to constantly have something in your mouth, Why it freaks her out so much to be around other children or Why Crying & Songs in a Minor chord send her to a very unhappy place. But Neela, sweet as can be, tried very hard for a good 20 minutes to try life out like Maggie. So she took a little toy and started rotating it in her mouth. Then she decided to follow Maggie around like her shadow and creep up on the sides because she quickly figured out that Maggie doesn't care to share her personal space bubble and to fully investigate her she would need to be sneaky! To Neela's credit, she never invaded the personal space bubble after the first time and genuinely wanted to figure Maggie out... Good Luck Girl - Her doctors and I think the same thing most days.

She followed every move. Every Step around the room trying to look at everything Maggie verbally or physically expressed attention towards. I loved that Maggie allowed a certain amount of another child around her. She has such a hard time when I work in nursery and bring her along and too often the other children set her off and it ends in tears and becoming very worked up. But the two girls were entirely focused on the pictures memorizing every detail!
And then it was over! Maggie was not going to play that game anymore! It was amusing while it lasted - and I was excited to have my iPhone if nothing else there - because that will probably never happen again and Neela may have been decided to choose another path in life away from researcher.

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