New Level of Tired

You know when you are so tired you can't fall asleep?

Exhausted to the point where your eyes are bloodshot.
Your body aches and you are sore from tossing and turning.
You realize your eyes have been closed for the last Um... 5 minutes.
(you hope not anymore than that)
You start getting annoyed by almost everything.
You start to list everything in your head you need to do
and then have no energy to do any of them...
You forgot what you did 30 minutes ago

I am There!


Girls Night

Last girls night was epic. Too much food, fun and showing off Liz's wedding dress! One of the mom's in the group is engaged to a wonderful guy and she found a wonderful dress for us to admire and critic. But most of the evening was enjoying a healthy escape from, normalcy! All of the mom's excluding Liz, have children with disabilities and that's how we became friends. Liz is gracious enough to have us at her place and she is the hostess with the mostess!
And she looks beautiful as a bride.

Melissa has two sons, Zach(6) and Owen(2). Zach is Autistic but transitioned to public school this spring so we haven't seen them as regularly.
Jenny's son Cohen(6) is quiet the force of energy and behaviors but his speech is phenomenal!
Chris, is a single mom and has two profoundly autistic children. Channing(14) & Chayenne(12). I don't know how she does it...
Amy is a behavorial therapist at autism matters! She is Maggie's favorite and has become a good friend of mine.
Oy camera phones... sorry it's blurry but can't you tell how much fun we have?!?
I am excited to play 'Wedding Planner' to Liz I think it will be a wonderful celebration of a couple I really admire and love!
Liz and I joke that I am her long lost daughter - we are very similar and love each other dearly! She has done so much for me and Maggie!

Maggie is 6

Maggie is 6. Maggie has 3 words. Two dozen signs. A beautiful smile and an infectious laugh. She loves Adele and doesn't care for Coldplay. She loves Thomas the train & cars. Pixar movies! Panda puff cereal is her favorite food no question! She is the best sleeper, she loves her sleep and quiet time. Life revolves around football games, especially the vikings! She's smart and clever. Creative in communication and how she puts two and two together!
(I am about 2 weeks late her actual birthday is february 3rd)

She has a wonderful family of grandparents and the best Uncles in the world who adore her. And a Mom who's life, truly revolves around her! It's good to be Maggie :)

Auntie Karen

Like every recipient of "Aunt of the Year Award" - Aunt Karen knows her niece! She had a friend in Arizona who makes hair accessories created Viking Football decor for Maggie! I just love them - you can put them on your shoes too! Creative don't you think?

All four of them at once is a bit much but you know the saying 'Go big or go home!'

too cute if you ask me.

Dinner and the Value of Q-Tips

I used to think my sister was a picky eater... WOW Maggie puts her to shame! Now on the up side she makes Madonna look like a fats food junkie so it could be worse. But all this healthy eating in tiny portion does not a make a girl gain some meat on her bones! She is a skinny mini so when she will actually eat something I try to give her as much as possible! She was requesting cupcakes so I made gluten free cupcakes and let her have 2, that's right I give me child TWO cupcakes! Although when a song on the dinner mix came on she wasn't thrilled about she proceeded to stick her fingers in as far as she could probably poking her brain through her ear canal. Oh funny lady!

Tired Maggie.

The prodigal son returns

First of all, My beloved dog, Jack is ALIVE! 9 days after being hit by a car and presumed dead I was awoken in the middle of the night by a familiar cry. I assumed it was Maggie and kept checking on her only to find her completely asleep so my gut told me to check the front door. At first I thought I was crazy or dreaming but it was my puppy on the front porch! I was unbelievably happy! He is on antibiotics and pain medication. He has a bandage and for the sack of those who are squeemish I won't post pictures of his actual wounds. He is going to have some scars to show off to the ladies!

Rest and time. Soon he will be back to his growing puppy self!



I Love This...
It speaks to the hopeless romantic in me :)