I can't believe I forgot to post about our new addition to the family... (goes to show my attention span is equal to a kumquat)

The Handsome, quirky and adorable Carlisle

A few weeks ago we went to the pound to rescue a cat and came home with him. We wanted a cat that was still young enough to mice but not a kitten. Good with Maggie. Tolerant of a dog. And all these things he is - however our other cat is not a fan. She sits at the base of our stairs and makes sure he doesn't come down....

So he has decided to make Andy's room his own. The benefits for Mr. Carlisle is that their is a soft, warm bed. A cute kid to pet him. A fish tanks which both soothes and temps his inner kitty.
I love how he curls up and just forces himself on you..."Pet me, Pet me Now"
Isn't he Handsome?!?

And yes if you were wondering he was named after Carlisle Cullen, from Twilight



Due to my lack of motivation in other activities... To kill time, be productive, feel like I actually accomplished something I decided to tackle a huge endeavor.

My Bathroom
(cue horror music)

It looked like a tornado came in and destroyed it. I had 10 bottles of shampoo with just a few drops in them but didn't want to waste so I didn't throw away.

Hello Call Up Auditions for Hoarders!
Trash, a whole department store worth of bottles and jars. Baskets and containers full of STUFF. And don't get me started on my hair products... I have a little bit of everything from Putty to Hairspray. Straighteners and Curling Irons. Rollers and Oh yeah Hair accessories. Lotions and Medicine. Soap and Pedicure stuff. Smelly sprays and breakable bottles...
After a lot of throwing away, combining of things & most importantly organizing my drawer... the final product looked liked this!
1 container for makeup. 1 for small jewelry another for hairpins/hair ties. It's so easy to find everything and makes me happy :) everything Hair is in the other drawer neat and accessible. Everything bath has it's own area! I even found a small iPod speaker I thought I lost so I will always have music while I get ready.



18 hours

I have really enjoyed the break from School and the few therapy appointments. I had a blast spending time with my brothers. Even the drama and chaos of it all.

However I am really grateful that in approximately 18 hours I will drop boys off and then Maggie will be on her way... Peace and quiet will descend upon the house...

Then reality will set in... I have a lot to do

to do list:
1. Finish application for some classes this semester (which actually is about 4 steps)
2. Schedule the next 6 month of Therapy
3. Find some creative physical therapy options for Mags
4. Read my scriptures.... I have poor discipline in this area and need to improve
5. Grocery shopping - also 2 step process sense certain foods I can only get at Trader Joe's
6. Think of perfect gift, then buy for a friend's son's Baptism this saturday
7. I have VT reports I need to complete
8. reimbursement forms I need to complete and send to the state
9. go to the bank
10. Target - I'm almost out of diapers and that is NEVER good
11. iTunes money that is burning a hole in my pocket.... :)
12. Nana has a doctors appointment this week I am taking her too, never enjoyable...

I'm sure I'm forgetting something else but sense I have the memory of a cucumber these days...


Swedish Institute of Minneapolis

My Mom, Maggie and I decided to add some culture to our day and visited the Swedish Institute.
This HOUSE, yes a family built this house and lived their before donating it to the Swedish community, is the most impressive, ornate & royal home I have ever been to.

The outside is castle- like. Their are columns and gargoyles guarding the home. The carriage house behind the main home is larger then our whole house. When you walk in you enter the foyer and the main fireplace...
Yes even the Queen would be impressed - the family who lived here made their fortune by publishing a Swedish Newspaper at the turn of the 20th Century, before Facebook and CNN, and the locals were dying for news from their homeland and apparently were willing to pay for it!
It feels like an old castle in the middle of Germany or France
The interior is magnificent - I felt like I was breathing less to maintain oxygen levels in this museum...
Happy holidays Norway Style - Even though it IS the Swedish Institute they have displays for Norway, Finland but mostly Sweden.
The house was full of decorations - but Pictures were not allowed :(
When I think Swedish and Christmas, I think Santa Lucia, and American Girl doll Kristen. She wore this simple white nightgown and a beautiful wreath with candles on her head and brought Christmas buns to her family.
On the top floor of the house they had a play area for kids and luckily Maggie was the only kid their, otherwise she wouldn't have gone in, But she let me put the plush wreath on her head and played with the kitchen just long enough to snap a couple pics with my phone.
Grandma and Maggie

Of course she wouldn't look at me when I took the picture... oh well I got a couple of her headdress.

Vikings Vs. Bears

This Game actually took place a couple weeks ago, but seeing as my blogging has been negligent and I have been trying to catch up, my apologies for the order of these posts ...
No Surprise Maggie and I watched the game and as seeing that everything that could go wrong DID, The Metrodome collapse, Brett Favre's Concussion, having to play outside in a snow covered mess of the college stadium, etc... All things considered they were terrible :-)

BUT dinner was delicious I made a an Indian dish of slow cooked chicken in a vindaloo sauce then roasted potatoes with a bunch of spices and combined everything with peas - super yummy and Maggie friendly
Maggie was so excited when the game finally started, after being thrown off and not happy about having to wait another day for her beloved football (she wakes up on the weekend points to her football poster next to her bed and then signs 'football') It's going to be a rough adjustment when the season ends :(
She really thought the 'intense' fans were really cool... something the aspire too

And once again the Vikings lost... maybe next week will be better
It's not easy being a Vikings fan!