Days like this.

When everything falls into place and it all works as planned... I'm pretty sure I'll be dead. I was awoken prematurely by an adorable yet morning sunshine of a child. Needless to say I am still tired. I turned on Curious George on netflix for her while I showered and got dressed. Then I decided to get her dressed and venture on to church.

Any time I take her out it can be hit or miss. But recently there have been so many hits!

Yes Mags did not care to be quiet or sit still but I came prepared with books, chewy and juice. It wasn't Mags that made the morning difficult, but seeing everyone else. Seeing all the husbands and wives hold hands and smile at each other. It also didn't help that so much of the talks were about marriage and strengthening families. I watched as the older siblings entertain younger siblings. There was so much excitement, tears and laughs today because of the graduates leaving for college, end of school year awards, and Eagle Scout awards. A ton of great achievements but I sat there slightly sorry for myself about Mags and how different her life is.

She was very grumpy and I brought her to class with me where she calmed down and played with her chewy. One woman walked by the door and saw us, she turned around, came in and invited Mags to join the other children. Mags was hesitant and it took some encouraging but she left and I heard no screams or crying. Good sign in my book.

Afterwards one of her teachers came to find me and was so positive in how Mags pointed to her favorite color and knew the different colors! How she liked the pictures and found the fish! How she has a sweet and angelic demeanor.

It reminded in a very humane way to appreciate the 'still small voice' of those in my life who encourage Mags. Remind me to not be pessimistic and value the person Mags IS, and not who she is not.

I know that is some crazy positivity coming from me but I just felt uplifted.