1. I have wanted an iPhone and had to opportunity to get myself one. I thought no one would be more happy for me than Andy. When I showed him my new toy his response was a sad look followed by " I wanted to get you the iPhone because I knew you wanted it. Can I still get you Rock Band for Christmas?"
2. I was preparing dinner and joking around with Andy when I asked him "what are you going to do when Maggie has a boyfriend?"
His response was classic overprotecting man
"I'll probably kick him in the nuts" pause....."cause he's not good enough"

3. He was worried about Maggie while he's away for the weekend in Philadelphia 
(he'll be gone for 3 days, she'll survive but I know when he returns the first thing he'll do is find Maggie and play with her)


Exciting Holy Week

Good Friday pre-Easter surprise
Alas all holidays are marketed around chocolate .... 
My brothers have become creative in what they get me instead of chocolate eggs or bunnies. Their Brilliant idea - An Edward poster for my office :) You have to love men secure enough to know giving a girl what see wants will make her love you even more 

This past week my phone was forcefully thrown into the toilet resulting in high pitch hissing sounds and water marked gray screen, rendering it USELESS!! 
So...... I felt at this joyous season of Easter I should complete my extended family and have the Apple fairy visit

New iPhone baby!  
Yes now while my iPod charges it can converse with it's cousin iPhone all linked together with head of house Macbook talking about who holds the biggest itunes collection or whatever apple products talk about while I'm not looking
Apple fairy so beats Easter bunny



I am sorry I have been MIA the past week. It all started innocently enough, I bought a movie. After watching and everyone saying "read the book" I went out and bought the book. No one told me it was addicting (Hello it's Lent!)

SO..... week later, all 4 books read and wishing there was more......
"If I could dream at all, it would be about you" -EC
despite the threat of death and his eating habits, this bedazzled vampire is a gorgeous sweet-talking immortal.  With those eyes, go ahead Bite Me!