Hockey, in all forms!

Mags is a Minnesota girl. She was born here, yes, but more importantly she loves Minnesota. She loves sticking her tongue out while it's snowing. She loves standing in the cold wind. She slows her steps and dragged her feet through the snow. We watch hockey on TV all the time, we live in the state of hockey after all. She falls asleep while I read her the book The Snowy Day, EVERY night (Obsessive much?). So it should be of no surprise that when we went to our local arcade she adored watching her Uncle David playing air hockey. She wanted to 'help' him. And being the ever patient uncle he is, he slowed down his game so she could play. Her hand barely large enough to grasp the handle. The air puffing up into her wild hair. Her arms stretching as far as she could across the table top. All while dolled up in her RunDMC shirt and french braid!