Christmas Eve Tubing

Merry Christmas
Christmas Eve morning my brothers and I decided we needed to get out of the house and have a little fun. We went to Buck Hill, which every Minnesotan knows, even Olympic Skiers ski, snow board and go tubing there. It is not "impressive" as far as ski hills go - especially compared to other facilities in MN, or Utah for instance. But It is a blast!
Still warm, dry and ready to GO!

Sad but the last rule is there for a reason I'm sure they have had too many stupid people attempt to mix booze and going fast down a snowy hill - bad combination

The Lift up was SO relaxing I could have stayed on for an hour and just slowly be pulled up. It was so beautiful and white as far as the eye could see. I don't think they have had to "Make" any snow this season, we have had plenty of the real stuff.

Cold, slightly wet but enjoying every moment!
I think someone is tired...
Or Grumpy we have to leave...
An Excellent time had by all of us! We will have to again soon :)


Winterizing Maggie

Maggie is the ultimate Nordic Princess and when it comes to the sensation of cold, is not in the least bothered. However If you try to wash her hands in even slightly cool water she freaks out - go figure. She's indifferent towards hats and gloves and things of that nature. However she is a Pro at taking them OFF! Gloves stay on for seconds.... and Her skin is suffering from cold burns poor baby :(

If only she realized how cute she is when she keeps them on ... well ...

New Camera, New Haircut, New Blog Post

So Exciting!!! I finally got a new camera which I have been holding out on for far too long. The camera on my phone did it's job and for certain things works just fine but I have wanted to replace my camera for a long time and with birthday money - thought Now is the perfect time!

So my wonderful model brothers wanted to test it out!
I also cut my hair, again - a short bob and darker brown color

Merry Christmas from Mychael, David and Andy

Walter Raleigh

I love, LOVE when my brother says something like "Oh I forgot I have to _______ and its DUE tomorrow!"
It's fantastic!
NOT! and in this case not an easy sign and go situation but a creative costume for a history report. Andy had been working on a report about the courtier and explorer Walter Raleigh, well I don't have Elizabethan garb laying around the house so we got creative

Tights - because every gentleman can pull off a pair of tights
Big Cross - Metal, I figure mostly historically accurate and well of any time periods the Tudor Era you Wear your Religion - and then are beheaded for it :(
Loose shirt - We actually got this shirt years ago at then Reinassance Faire
Belt - Because he was swimming in the shirt
Garter - I made one out of ribbon, but Raleigh was a appointed to the Order of the Garter - Very Fancy
Shoes - pointy low flats that we got out of my moms closet
Cute Boy - Andy

Goofy boy - who got an A on this presentation!!!
Can I just say as parents/Older siblings I feel like I do more work than he does :)


Blizzard of 2010

Last Saturday Minnesota experienced it's 5th worst blizzard on record!
And luckily I was at home and didn't need to go out - I believe the final amount of snow fall in a 36 hour period was close to 30 inches. Crazy amounts of snow! It was unbelievable! We were supposed to have a big party at our house but we decided to post pone for obvious reasons. This is the view from our dining room towards what is normally the garden with a bench that is barely visible - thats how deep the snow is :(

But what to do when stuck in the house for 48 hours ? ? ?
I made homemade rolls, guinness steak pie, and a coconut tart for our awesome neighbor who came over with his snowblower - I love Minnesota Nice especially during the winter!

Lemon Coconut Buttermilk Tart
This tart is a signature I make for friends and then it makes addicts out of even the most controllable of dessert consumers :) And our wonderful neighbor is no different he requested it for his birthday last year too - I was happy to oblige


Being the kind and awesome daughter I am...

I made cookie bags for all of my moms teachers and staff. This would have been an easy task but with the awful weather became slightly more complicated.

But being the professional I am...

I conquered and made gingerbread cookies, cranberry and chocolate chip, sugar with various toppings and a coconut cardamon which was really delicious.

Various delectable toppings
I can not cook with awesome tunes and I have an eclectic music mix from Weezer to Jars of Clay to Owl City and Blondfire even Sinatra!
I gave Andy my camera and he took some really good pictures
Of course he didn't clean the lens so their are water spots... oh well
My little not so helpful helper

Lets just say I got more done after she went to bed - - -
Andy got a lot of close ups but most of them were really blurry so he asked me to use this one
And of course when he got bored with just cookies and taking pictures he practiced his Trekkie live long and prosper :)
Cranberry and Chocolate Chip Cookies
The finished product was really cool. I took little bags filled them with cookies, small chocolates and candy canes then tied them with little personalized tags - so cute but time consuming

I heard the Teachers loved them so Job well done and apparently I still got skill!

Martha Stewart has nothing on me!



We have a new addition to our family thanks to Aunt Christa

Maggie calls him D or Ye

She loves him. She sits on him. She hugs him. She Wrestles with him.

She watches Football and movies while lounging on him. I think Kanye is beginning to like Football.
He's so big and soft I want to use him as a pillow when I watch too...

He's the perfect chair for her :)
He has become a permanent fixture of the living room he was moved upstairs but that lasted about an hour. Oh well His coloring allows him to blend into the couch so sometimes I forget he's there.