All things girly - Thought a little updating was needed.
And you can never have to much PINK -
and rhinestones and all things shiny and pretty :)


Birthday Eve

Tonight is Maggie's 4th Birthday Eve!

4 years ago I was pregnant and waiting for my baby girl to arrive.
I knew she was going to be Maggie, probably interesting, beautiful possibly funny - She is my daughter after all -
but nothing really prepared me for the 'Maggie' God had in mind for Me

That's ok

I've learned I can be patient
I am creative in finding realistic answers
I am actually good at organizing a complicated schedule
I can't always do what I WANT to do but I can do what I NEED to do
I Love my baby girl
My Beautiful, Smart, Adorable, Kind, Passionate, Loving, Gentle, Unpredictable Maggie!!!

(mastering walking up and down stairs!!!! Time heals everything is the normal saying and for me, TIme creates development in tangible ways)