A Day in the Life. . .

A Day in the Life...
It's wonderful watching Maggie's big eyes get even bigger when she sees a horse.
I love how she stands on the railing and just watches, she waits patiently on the loading dock to get on her horse, as soon as she is securely on her little saddle she smiles and begins to laugh happily.
This equestrian princess rides like the rodeo queen she is!
Even when she is wearing an orange dress - mom forgot it was horse day - whoops
This picture reminds me of when I watch jumping events on TV and they show close ups of the riders face - completely concentrated, tongue slightly out or lips slightly separated, watching the other riders analyzing ever move...

So pretty . . . :)
After an exciting day of riding and exercise, nourishment is needed,
in the form of rice is best and messiest :)

You have to enjoy life, savory your food, learn from your experiences and above all laugh and love