Maggie - pointing skills

For any other parent this may be s simple forgotten milestone with their child. 

But for me, For Maggie - This is a wonderful, long awaited and amazing milestone. 
All these months of therapy are starting to show actual and practical results. 
the first, of many to come, is pointing and identifying an image in a book. 
Larry's Nose.  
Handing me her VeggieTales Bible story book so she can help me turn pages and find Larry.

Because she is learning how to communicate better with her hands she is getting more excited when we understand her - doesn't everyone want to be understood!
Maggie is now signing 'More' - one clap
And saying 'Yes' and 'No


Joy of Water

This summer has been filled with water from various sources. Water balloons, Water bottles, hose with and without spray attachment, lawn sprinklers, fountains, pools, and even the dog's water dish. While watering the flowers I sprinkled Maggie - and you would have thought she was at the comedy club (on a good night) she was laughing from her gut, falling over and almost crying from laughter!! The simplest joys in life . . .

And of course who is always there to 'Save' her, Uncle Andy! They were both soaking wet and having SO much fun! He was throwing a ball and she was trying to catch it and then she would throw it back, the whole time he was immensely patience and encouraging to her. I have joked about Uncle Andy - But honestly he has been written into Maggie's IEP (School Documentation for her special needs) Maggie's teachers just think he is too sweet for words and wish he could come to her class regularly.

(I'm going to get you, then you have to pick me up and you'll be all wet too!)
Oh I was on to her plan - :)