We're going to the Zoo, zoo, zoo

Maggie and Animals they just go together like ying and yang.
(I'm cute and ready to go to the zoo)
The Minnesota Zoo is actually not too shabby. A lovely spread of saltwater and freshwater aquariums. Maggie was captivated by all the fish, probably a little envious she wasn't in the water with them. Andy true to form, was pointing out every 'Finding Nemo' Character. It made me think about every fish tank at every doctor's appointment and in every therapy facility and you know what they all have in common?  clown fish - ah the power of Disney 
This Tiger was about 5 ft from us - he was so beautiful. I said "Maggie, that's a really big Kitty Cat" she was so excited if their hadn't have been a glass panel she would have tried to hug him.
Oh Andy - Without being asked, without complaint Andy would slide through the crowds and have Maggie in hand so that she could get a better view and if that meant sitting down and putting Maggie in his lap that's what he did! And it really paid off at the Bear's habitat, they both had a wonderful view of the bear.
This bear was such a showoff, a complete zoo ham. You could tell he was the Paris Hilton of the Zoo. When a flash went off he was right their turning his head to pose. It was unbelievable how photo-happy this bear was.  But he was so adorable swimming around just inches away from us, He turned his head towards us every time Maggie would laugh he was fascinated by her
Makes me want to go to the zoo again .


Oh Trampoline !

First Trampoline injury of the year - very little blood
A few years ago I had an incident with a Trampoline - The Trampoline Won - I lost with a few stitches and a lovely scar to remind me.
But aside from that - who knew jumping was so much fun? 
Andy and Mags jumping their little hearts out - Thankfully not literally (that's a lot of 'lly')
They really do love playing together, watching TV together (Andy confessed that he does learn new things from Little Ensteins) pretty much everything one does the other will do -
What goes up must come down - That's right I paid attention in physic's class 
Seriously best money spent this year.
Ah I love Spring -  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring too!