Christmas Part 1

Well unless you have been living in a cave - You probably have heard that the midwest specifically Minnesota has had a bit of snow - about 2ft in 2 days:)
So after a lovely breakfast and exchanging gifts among the family Andy decided he wanted to venture out into the white abyss
And of course in doing so he would have to entertain Maggie. . . what to do?

throwing snowballs at the window seems like a good idea - Brillant!

Much laughter was had by all!


Christmas Tree Decorating.... Kinda

Ah December 5th ish we travel to the local corner that has a beautiful supply of lush, green Christmas Trees that are just dying to be decorated!

What was once ordinary and green is now shiny and a toy for the cat and a constant source of time outs for Maggie :)
Can't resist a cute Uncle Andy and Maggie Shot!
Like usual we started one project only to be sidetracked by something else - blocks... So Uncle David and Uncle Andy obliged Maggie and amused her while the adults finished decorating

But Then I was attacked by this beautiful little girl who just wanted to pose for the camera

Then when getting ready for bed we decided it would be cute if
Maggie wore the antlers we got for the dog :)

This is why children grow up, blame their issues on their parents, and the parents pay for their therapy .... ah the circle of life continues - And I should have gone into psychology and saved myself some money in the future :)


Halloween and more

Yes I am aware it is the week of December and I am posting about halloween...
Procrastination is my middle name
Anne means Procrastinator right ??

Anyways . . . Maggie and Andy :)
Watching the new VeggieTales - "Abe and the Amazing Promise"

their too cute together - matching legs in the air with dirty white socks

Cute little girl OR drooling wicked witch ??

All that energy used on being a cute witch required refueling so instead of trick or treating Maggie decided to take a snack break for substance in banana and chip form!

Andy took this picture and said I looked like a Vampire - He knows how to pay a girl a compliment :)

Myk n Mags