Nurse: Magdalaina?
Me: Maggie, It's your turn. Let's go
Nurse: How are you today? (looking at maggie...)
Me: She's good but she doesn't care for doctors or nurses for that matter
Nurse: Ok, Can you stand on the scale? I need to get your weight
Maggie: (refusing to stand on scale without death grip on me...)
Myk: (tiny bruises and broken blood vessels become visible)
GOOD JOB!!! (after she finally holds still for 2 seconds)
Nurse: Can you stand nice and tall?
Maggie: (thinking to herself - I don't think so scooter!)
Nurse: Do you wanna try and get blood pressure? Or maybe will skip that...
Myk: ( thinking to myself - She learns quick!)
Nurse: Ok, Well Maggie your in the 46th percentile for height and 2nd percentile for weight...
Myk: (deep breath, I knew this but it's still hard hearing every time)
Nurse: Well Dr. Hoffman will be in with you shortly
Myk: Thank you

Dr: Hello! Are we exciting how cleaning teeth and looking at your heart?
Myk: I'm containing my excitement
Dr: Wonderful! paperwork and everything is ready for monday. No fluids and solid foods after 3am and clear liquids up till 9am. You've been through this before... I would recommend you bring some comfort items like a favorite stuffed animal. Does she have one?

Myk: Um... Yeah but he's as big as I am. How do I explain to security and the nursing team this enormous bear?
Dr: They won't mind! We can arrange for double room
Myk: LOL
Dr: Well think about what will make her comfortable...

Last time the nurse gave her apple juice and I stroked her hair as she woke up and she just looked cold and out of it! She was so unhappy! I was able to get her mostly dressed in pajamas and load her into the car, I took her home and she slept for hours. It's hard watching a child, especially yours go under - it's so fast one second she is crying and scarred the next lifeless looking. And then the doctors rush you out so they can work but I always look in just to see her. And then I have to pretend to keep myself busy as I don't panic or worry - yeah RIGHT!?! I'm always nervous and anxious each time. It's one of those things that does not get easier with repitition.

I tell myself, "they know what they are doing, your child is in excellent hands, this is necessary and for her benefit, just take a deep breath and relax myk"

I hope most parents never have to go through this procedures like I have, like Maggie has!