Hockey, in all forms!

Mags is a Minnesota girl. She was born here, yes, but more importantly she loves Minnesota. She loves sticking her tongue out while it's snowing. She loves standing in the cold wind. She slows her steps and dragged her feet through the snow. We watch hockey on TV all the time, we live in the state of hockey after all. She falls asleep while I read her the book The Snowy Day, EVERY night (Obsessive much?). So it should be of no surprise that when we went to our local arcade she adored watching her Uncle David playing air hockey. She wanted to 'help' him. And being the ever patient uncle he is, he slowed down his game so she could play. Her hand barely large enough to grasp the handle. The air puffing up into her wild hair. Her arms stretching as far as she could across the table top. All while dolled up in her RunDMC shirt and french braid!


Day 5

I am gaining ab muscles by the sheer force and core strength it is taking to cough this much. I hate being sick but really who enjoys it? Answer, Nobody! But I am tired, physically yes but emotionally and mentally drained. I have not been out of the house in a week. 7 days. I have been cooped up in a house that otherwise is pleasant but today feels germier than ever. Germ plus 'ier' = new word of the day. Some brain cells are apparently functioning but in the course of typing a few sentences I have changed my core temperature 3 times. It's like menopause but not. Nope, not even close. The Pros are instant weight loss. I have never not wanted to eat. I don't skip meals and I'm not the size of a supermodel but I have had no appetite the past couple days and all I want is tea and maybe orange juice. I'm out of orange juice... put that under Con. Another pro is catching up on a massive lack of sleep. However restless and drug induced the sleep may be, it is highly appreciated and not taken for granted. Boogers are gross and while I have had a box of kleenex attached to me sense Tuesday, I didn't realize I had this much fluid in my head. Even with makeup, my skin is awesomely grey/white and not in a porcelain beautiful way but in a gaunt gross way.

I really hope I am feeling better by tomorrow I don't have to patience to be sick for the long run. Mother nature give me the horrible 24 bug and then be done! Wham, hits you hard and then your done. That's all I'm asking for.

Thank you Immune System! (Sarcasm)



Day 4 of having a sick child at home... and all I can say is that it's extremely odd seeing Maggie calm and motionless at times. Maggie is ALWAYS moving. Jumping, self-stimming, bouncing on furniture, running up and down stairs - always moving! 
On Sunday she woke up with lots of energy and that quickly disappeared as she began to get violently sick. By Sunday night she was exhausted, feverish and not taking any liquids. Day 4 and she is finally drinking and eating a little. Poor baby though is coughing and has low fever still. 

I knew she was upset with the Vikings loss Saturday night but this is a little extreme.

 Sweet Jack sleeping with his girl.


Hipster Chic

Maggie is the ultimate Hipster if you think about it. She is crazy cool without even trying. Her wild hair is au natural and requires no product, doesn't even wash it everyday. 
Her diet - Lives on sparkling water, which may be considered uppity however she pulls it off. 
Gluten free, Organic, Vegan before it was "Cool". She was doing it before Gwyneth Paltrow!

How skinny are your jeans? Never skinny enough baby! Seriously though I just purchased a weird brand from Canada and they brag they make the Ultra Skinny Jean and they are still lose on her. 
This girl would drink all my coffee if I let her. Starbucks is cool because they have endless straws to chew on but a chic small artsy place is fantastic too. 
It's only a matter of time before she is reading poetry and going to a liberal arts college! I'm sure she'll be rockin' the next trendy look by then too.


Days like this.

When everything falls into place and it all works as planned... I'm pretty sure I'll be dead. I was awoken prematurely by an adorable yet morning sunshine of a child. Needless to say I am still tired. I turned on Curious George on netflix for her while I showered and got dressed. Then I decided to get her dressed and venture on to church.

Any time I take her out it can be hit or miss. But recently there have been so many hits!

Yes Mags did not care to be quiet or sit still but I came prepared with books, chewy and juice. It wasn't Mags that made the morning difficult, but seeing everyone else. Seeing all the husbands and wives hold hands and smile at each other. It also didn't help that so much of the talks were about marriage and strengthening families. I watched as the older siblings entertain younger siblings. There was so much excitement, tears and laughs today because of the graduates leaving for college, end of school year awards, and Eagle Scout awards. A ton of great achievements but I sat there slightly sorry for myself about Mags and how different her life is.

She was very grumpy and I brought her to class with me where she calmed down and played with her chewy. One woman walked by the door and saw us, she turned around, came in and invited Mags to join the other children. Mags was hesitant and it took some encouraging but she left and I heard no screams or crying. Good sign in my book.

Afterwards one of her teachers came to find me and was so positive in how Mags pointed to her favorite color and knew the different colors! How she liked the pictures and found the fish! How she has a sweet and angelic demeanor.

It reminded in a very humane way to appreciate the 'still small voice' of those in my life who encourage Mags. Remind me to not be pessimistic and value the person Mags IS, and not who she is not.

I know that is some crazy positivity coming from me but I just felt uplifted.



Past few months in 1 post

It's been a wild, exciting, friends and food filled few months! I apologize for being a terribly forgetful and lazy blogger. I really should improve and make it a goal to blog at least once a month. Although in my defense I have been a FULL time student and pretty good at it. (bragging slightly but who has a 4.0... yeah Myk does) But in other news I have a ton of pictures to recap moments of the past few months. 

Maxwell is one of Mags classmates who is obsessed with trains and his personal space. He and Mags are perfect playmates for these two reasons! He doesn't mind when she mouths his toys and she likes that he doesn't want to touch her and they only have to half interact. 

This delightful beverage is both refreshing and the bubbles make for a fun sensation while the bubbles travel through you. TMI I know but seriously it's fun to drink.
Maggie loves movies! She is obsessed with Cars and Finding Nemo but I love when she watches something different. She liked Rango for about 10 minutes. We'll take it!
Weather is completely out of my control and it has been insane. Hot and humid one day. Freezing and dark. Pouring rain and grey. Sunny and perfect. Take the good with the bad so to speak. But recently it's been a lot of rain. I mean Biblical flood kind of raining.
In between apocalyptic raining Maxwell and Maggie played with the hose for about 3 hours in pure happiness and only minor sunburns.
Water = cheap entertainment!
My younger brother David went with a friend to the Black Keys concert and I was really jealous but excited for him too. It was his first concert and he had a great time. And I will probably 'borrow' his shirt...
Maggie is growing taller and taller! I am 5'9 and her father is 6'4 so she has a strong genetic probability of being quite tall. She is a string bean! All legs and so cute.
Mags is nothing if not opinionated and when it comes to music she makes it clear what she likes and what she does not. Currently she is in love with Adele, Gotye, Kaskade, & Fun. She has great taste in music and I love listening to new and different stuff but sometimes She just wants her mix.

Maggie's Techno Dance Party - Kaskade
I love summer! I like the sun and the heat and food! My mind, unfortunately, revolves around food. And summer foods are some of my favorite like this delight. Delicious. 
I have to kiss a frog to meet a prince, so what happens if I kiss a turtle... Guy with good job and interesting personality?!?
I love my baby girl! She is the absolute delight of my life. Challenging, yes! My world, my love, Yes!
I am currently rocking dark brown hair but I want to mix it up and do something different....
This little lady loves her 'Dee' aka giant bear we named Kanye.
It's amazing the relationship we have because it's just the two of us. I wouldn't change anything.
But aside from momma, Mags has awesome uncles! David who reads to her and carries her when she's tired and will go to a vikings rally because he could care less about football but his beloved niece adores football. Thank you David.

A girl and her iPad = true love!

Little chef! She will do anything for Gluten/dairy free pancakes including helping me make them.
I still think the best purchase the family has ever made was our giant trampoline that Mags spend hours jumping on. She has no fear and laughs and laughs and cant get high enough!

One of Mags therapist invited us over to her house where her parents have 2 chickens. I won't say which neighborhood but it's in minneapolis. Mags of course had to hug them and give them kisses and thought it was the coolest thing ever! We will visit them again but I'm not owning chickens.

Of all the foods my child eats she still has the P trifecta of Puffs, Pancakes and Pellegrino!
Sparkling water because my italian supermodel doesn't care for regular water.
Motorcycle? Sure if it's not running, why not. You can sit on it, but your not taking a ride with anyone anytime soon.

Just a few wonderful learning moments and memories from our life to share with you!


New Level of Tired

You know when you are so tired you can't fall asleep?

Exhausted to the point where your eyes are bloodshot.
Your body aches and you are sore from tossing and turning.
You realize your eyes have been closed for the last Um... 5 minutes.
(you hope not anymore than that)
You start getting annoyed by almost everything.
You start to list everything in your head you need to do
and then have no energy to do any of them...
You forgot what you did 30 minutes ago

I am There!