I am a little too ADD for a treadmill. I get distracted, which leads to becoming clumpsey, and that could result in injury... Overall I prefer alternative forms of exercise and recently have found a number of options I really enjoy. I love hiking but taking Maggie is challenging to be polite so that's a solo gig. ZUMBA - Oh boy, I have become a trendy work out girl and the shaky shaky - that's a Myk only though. We love swimming but that requires going to the gym at specific times because it's Minnesota, nobody has a pool, unlike Arizona where we always had a pool... And It's so beautiful here I want to be outside all the time! Solution for all ages - Trampoline! Holy Jumping Batman! Everyone loves this baby! No cords or technology required even. It's a fabulous thing when Andy's friend's are leaving their house, where they have a Wii and coming to our house to bounce!

Saturday afternoon Andy and his friend Trevor bounced for hours which was nice but then they let Maggie join them and that was heaven! She loves bouncing and she laughs and gets a great workout!
But on a side note- I love that Andy has been such a great advocate for Maggie. He always tells his friends about her, how to act around her, what not to do, why she doesn't talk. And he always does this in a non demeaning and kind way. Trevor is a good friend too, he knows Andy cares for Maggie so he is nice and will be friendly to her too! I love that he has such wonderful friends! I hope it sets an example for Maggie but if anything she has fantastic older boys who will protect her from anything! That's not a bad gig.
I think the little girl was wearing out the boys!

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