About this time on Sunday afternoon I get that overwhelming feeling and start to think of all the tasks I have waiting for me Monday morning. It's daunting! I do not want to do almost everything on the list... but I have a list of to-do's so I must go and do!

1. I have been watching the mail and finally Maggie's Horse Registration came. Have I filled it out?!? Not Yet But I will!!! Twice a week starting in May Maggie gets to go riding! It's Very Exciting, I just have to fill out the paperwork...
1b. Part of that registration is a medical release form....

2. I have to schedule 3 separate assessments and meeting, which not only involves my schedule but several other individuals which is where it becomes difficult. Especially for Maggie's School, a single meeting can have 7 adults, teachers, and therapists!

3. I have to do my homework - I am currently taking a Politics course at the local community college so basically my brain doesn't turn to mush and I have some contact with verbal adults :)

4. Zumba! I am trying to exercise and have fun and bond with my brothers and the 3 of us love Zumba and dancing and burning a few calories!

5. Laundry - I have no desire to join a nudist colony so...

6. Oil change - It's one of those tasks I have an uncanny ability to forget and then when I have to have one done it turns into the longest hour or 2 hours of my life... But I scheduled one for tomorrow.

7. Once Upon A Child/Goodwill - I saved all of Maggie's old summer clothes last fall knowing that I couldn't get anything for them and now that spring is here I just need to do. Then I need to get more clothes for her - It's going to be shorts and T-shirt time really soon! And the left overs need to be dropped at Goodwill.

8. Send in reimbursement forms for CSG - I copy each receipt and then fill out the form and fax it to her support manager and wait for the check to come, rinse repeat!

9. Call Car insurance about car accident I had almost 18 ago that I'm still dealing with $ drama

10. Send in MNdot forms for mileage reimbursement- similar to CSG, but a lot more to write and my hand always goes numb.

11. Fill out and send in SSI forms for 2012 (yes I know months away the government is prompt on their forms, responding and sending out funds not so much)

12. I have to get some baby shower gifts for 2 friends who are expecting.

13. Find a perfect house warming gift for a young couple ... any suggestions?

14. Music Therapy - find the perfect class at the perfect time - that should be easy... sensing a theme yet? :)

15. Religious School I am debating options for how to approach this but I have the find the perfect fit for my child and her needs and right now I have only one but it's something I still need to do more research into and find out about

16. Me... what do I want to do? what do I need to do?

17. Girls night this Friday and I need to prep some food and get somethings together before - I am so looking forward to this!

18. And of course there is always the usual stuff: fill up gas tank, deposit check at the bank, Trader Joe's for Maggie food, Schedule out the next 6 weeks of therapy, write thank you notes, send out VT report emails, sleep, eat healthy, create countdown calendar till football season starts...

Would anyone like to take over my life for a day?

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