Physical Therapy A Thank you Note

Not that long ago, I had this adorable little baby who was 16 months old and barely crawling. Along came 19 months and she was standing and taking one, then two steps and it was a slow and steady processes but it was a start! I remember being at a family get together where Maggie's cousin, 2 weeks younger than her, was climbing on the furniture and running, trying to catch his older brother. The rest of the family joked "He's so fast because he has an older brother to compete with, Don't worry" Well obviously I worried! You tell a first time mother, don't worry - that's all she will do! It was clear at that moment that Maggie was not developing as fast as 'normal' - And then I was introduced to the world of Physical Therapy. It was a rocky relationship in the beginning. I was first told that "NO, your child is just slower because she's a first and girls tend to not be as physical" then I was told "Your child is behind in several developmental milestones and we advise you to have her participate in physical therapy twice a month" that later turned into twice a week. Wait? The first said it's no big deal give it time and now the second opinion is saying the opposite! Ultimately I felt that she was behind a little, I felt that it couldn't hurt for some additional help.

I was sitting with the Physical Therapist and she had a questionnaire for me that was about 2 hours long. The questions included:
"Does your child jump?" NO
Does your child kick a ball? No
Does your child walk up stairs? NO How about down? (really?!?) NO
Does your child fall, trip easily? YES (finally a yes, although a negative question...)
Etc... The list goes on and at the age of 2 PT became a regular part of Maggie's life.

I loved her first permanent Physical Therapist, she was energetic and creative and pushed Maggie enough so that she wouldn't have time to get up set she just had to get trying! Her new therapist, although wonderful, has experienced Maggie slightly older 4 & 5 and has seen the vast improvements but the long term issues we are faced with. All sorts of fun!!

But when I think back to when my almost 2 year old was struggling to walk and then I see my 5 yr old balancing on the curb of the walk way - I am SO grateful for the Physical Therapy, the ability of the human body and for my little supermodels stubborn determination.

Moments of Zen as John Stewart says


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