Book Worm

All about the books this one is! Partly because she's a visual learner another part communication device and entirely because she is fascinated with almost everything! She loves pointing to new pictures with such excitement - I find myself getting excited for her and then she gets even more excited! It really becomes an inflated sense of excitement but you get the idea. I am a movie girl, I started reading Dan Brown's 'The Lost Symbol" and then thought to myself, "there will be movie made... I'll wait to see that" So I'm so happy that she enjoys looking at the pictures and wants everyone to read to her. But it's slightly inconvenient when she requests book while I'm driving...

TOday she picked up the book and started taking care of business for herself! Quite the independent little child. She likes what she likes at a specific time and way.
Such a big girl! Motivated by Veggie Tales :-) Whatever works! as her therapists remind me!

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