Monday Romance

Blast from the Bast - I originally wrote this post about a year ago and sense then we have reminisced about the past and talked about all that has happened in the years sense. But I was reminded by a dear friend that I am such a romantic - however seeing as I have little new material to work with... Here's your bit of romance.

Happy Surprise
I had a wonderful, unexpected little surprise today which gave me a huge smile that I can't get off my face. I got Maggie on her bus, jumped in the shower, got dressed and was doing my hair when my phone lit up with a Facebook update
- I had a friend request -
Simple thing I know, I get those ever so often and am always happy to catch up with friends and family. But let me take you back about 10 years. My Mom taught at an all boys school where I frequently helped out, went on outings and joined in with theatre productions, movie nights and sports. I know what your thinking 13-14 girl with a whole school of 14-18 boys that never see any girls
Seriously though many of the boys were like brothers to me protective, harmless, good mates almost. easy to joke around with fun to pick on ... But there was one.

One who was always kind to me. One who always smiled a little more than usual when I walked in the room. One who would run his fingers across the back of my hand as he walked by. One who would run his foot gently next to mine and trace my forearm with his fingertips.
Sweet. Kind. It was really quite simple ...

Boy Meets Girl.
Boy lives at all boy boarding school.
Boy begs his English teacher to deliver messages to her daughter.
Boy begins a romantic streak of handwritten letters, poems, pictures and artwork for this girl.
Boy makes marvelous romantic gestures
Boy leaves incredible first impression of young love on this girl
(I still have some of those letters, all the poems and even the artwork - a piece that included an abstract piece of yours truly that got him an A in art class)

I have several fond memories of Boy - As a group there were about 10 of us maybe 6 students and my family of 4, we went out to dinner and then a movie. I remember him quietly moving people around so he could sit next to me - My heart was racing and I was terrified he could hear my heart as it pounded against my chest - I knew he knew I was nervous but I couldn't tell if he was. But at the perfect moment he slipped his foot in between mine and slid his body closer to me with the arm rest in between us but still I knew he cared he was risking getting in trouble at school he had 5 witnesses next to him ... A couple months later it was my birthday Boy and 2 other close friends had been allowed to partake of my family celebrations. The other 2 boys gave me nice gifts but for the life of me I don't remember what they gave me. But BOY, so smooth during the prayer as we held hands he slipped his fingers in between mine gently holding my hand and with his other hand slid a bracelet of tiger eye stone on my wrist. Beautiful! My first real piece of jewelry from a boy.
But one of my favorite memories was one of his soccer games
I came to watch for fun and to support -
he became distracted when I came to the field He ended up scoring for the other team :)
After he graduated and went to college we lost touch. I thought of him once every year or so but I was so happy and delighted to see HIS friend request today :) He could always make me smile 9 years ago, so it shouldn't surprise me he still could today.
I hope to catch up and hear what exciting adventures he's had the past oh 9 years -

Yes, Yes I Know Stephenie Meyers is thinking "good stuff, lets collaborate!" Hahaaaa

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