Sick Mommy

There is nothing worse than your child, who is unable to tell you where it hurts, being sick. But a close second would be when mommy is sick! And you know it couldn't happen on a worse day. The Autism Society of Minnesota and the Coalition for Autism Rights are having a rally at the capital today! Remember April is Autism Awareness Month!!! And my throat is on fire, my head is spinning, and I can barely compose my thoughts to write this blog. I'm going to miss zumba :(

I have an IEP meeting and 2 year review with Maggie's teachers today and all I can think about is that I need to take a shower and not pass out! Because stitches on top of feeling crumby might send me to a dark unhappy place.

Shower, clean clothes, makeup, drive to school - I can handle that! Maybe... I hate feeling weak and worried that I might snap or have less patience because I don't feel like myself and I never want to lose it! SO Maggie I know your 5 but do you think you could make dinner and put your self to bed tonight? So Mommy can get some extra sleep ... No?

But then Speech and more driving and traffic - It's rough. I need sleep and quiet and something in pill form.

Mommy is at 25 % and Maggie is at 100%

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