Happy Easter

Happy Easter from my family to yours, Easter would not be complete without a few traditions.

Homemade cards from Aunt Christa
(I may be Martha of the Kitchen but when it comes to cards and scrap booking it's all about Christa!)
And for Maggie an Easter Bunny!

I love Veggie Tales and lucky for me they recently released a new Easter DVD! It's really for Maggie... really I swear it's a kids show! Ok so the adults watch while the child plays with something else but who doesn't like Veggie Tales?!?

Flowers, are the essence of spring and nothing speaks to life, renew and rebirth like flowers!
School craft projects like soft bunny face mask - why not!
More flowers and crafty fun stuff!
EGGS! I have no idea where the tradition of coloring eggs started but It's fun and creative!

Baby chick - sure! At least it's not alive...
Someone is happy - and that is always nice to see!
(someone also lost another tooth!!! she does not have that many left)
Happy Easter from Myk n Mags

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