Customer Service

Sometimes I want to be rude, impolite and just go off on judgmental, unhelpful customer service individuals. Last week I bought $400 in iTunes cards and then promptly returned them so that I could be reimbursed under rewards but use the money for speech or something else. Let me explain further, Maggie gets what's called a CSG, consumer support grant it's pretty much how I pay for everything relating to Maggie. At the end of the cycle, March 31, there is always some money left over in a category or two. This year she had about $100 in transportation which I quickly was able to send in gas receipts and about $1000 in rewards. Rewards generally include movies, music, iTunes cards for speech Apps anything that motivates her. Another trick to the funds is that if you don't use it you lose in the next year. So I talked to her Grant Manager and he suggested I buy iTunes cards return them and then the funds can be used for what we need now. Food, Gas, Co-Pays, Therapy etc.

Which brings we back to today. I took the remaining 300 and something worth of iTunes cards to the same Target I have been returning them to and was informed that I cannot return iTunes cards. What? Wait? Excuse me? What about store credit? Nope nothing nada - which is annoying but then the service rep asked "why are you returning them?" I replied "I need to show a receipt of purchase to be refunded it's complicated but It's for my daughter, she has special needs." This woman, retorts with "well I guess it's your own fault for abusing the system" Here is where I simply said "ok, whatever I will no longer be purchasing these through Target, I will use the Apple Store thank you" I Walked away annoyed! But what I was thinking was "Lady, you don't the first thing about me! What I go through. How stressful and confusing this dumb yet necessary CSG/system is. And if you want to walk in my shoes for a day and have to call the state and fill out forms and sit through testing and save every receipt and fax forms you fill out over and over and wait for checks to come in the mail while you've already spent the money, you never had to begin. Going to websites and stores looking for anything that will help with the needs at the moment. Talk with every therapist about what my child could benefit from and stress over every appointment well Be My Guest!
I didn't say any of that - I really, really wanted to though...

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