Car Rides

I used to refer to my child, in a most lovingly yet truthful description, as a 10 lbs terrorist.

From day 1 it was an absolute nightmare driving in the car with her. She would scream and cry- then I would get worked up trying to calm her down as my head was about to explode from noise. When we would finally arrive she would fall asleep out of exhaustion. I HATED going anywhere with her. When we finally moved her from the infant seat to toddler seat it slightly improved, however still miserable 85% of the time. In the past year she has improved immensely. And a few weeks ago we got her a big girl toddler seat. So I apologize for the quality of the pictures, they are from my iPhone. But she was so happy, laughing, enjoying looking at all the cars, trees, 'Big' trucks, houses & people, I had to take pictures and share.

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