St. Patrick's Day

I love the Holidays! I can go a little crazy in the Martha department but I enjoy doing it so no harm no foul. I like St. Patrick's Day as much as the next Irish girl but really this little Irish girl likes football. Touchdown!
What could make her so calm, relaxed and focused on a single activity? (notice the cereal everywhere)

NFL Draft! No Joke! She was focused like a middle aged guy!
(thank you Rocky for being both dog and vacuum)
Seeing as my child tries really hard to avoid anyone her size, I get to host play dates for my baby brother, Uncle Andy. Sense their get-together coincided with St. Patrick's Day I made them green apples and caramel, Green cupcakes & Green water.

I was going to be at speech therapy when they got home so I set out some stuff for them to take care of themselves. (he's 11 - I figured he could handle it)

Oops . . . I walked in the door and was greeted by this incredibly enthusiastic child "Mychael, Guess What? I got my first Chef injury! I can't wait to get my first sugar scar" He was so thrilled with himself. So I gave him a band aid and he bounced off none worse for the wear.

I think they had a really good time. And I'm so glad Uncle Andy is making good friends! It's hard watching your child or sibling not fit in and be on the outside. It's tough being the new kid.

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