Work Related Injuries

There is no Workmans Comp for being a Mother. And Injuries are part of the gig right? Read the fine print, I think to myself, "it's just in the moment and don't take it personally" It's hard to separate your emotions from your child, but when they are in 'that place' of frustration and anger or an inability to communicate their needs, lashing out seems like a alternative method of communicating, as a parent it's necessary. I have taken a few sippy cups to the head. Been hit, slapped, and clawed at! Oh and in public, that's the best when every parent in a store is starring at your child and judging you, thinking to themselves "the worst parent in the world" or muttering as they stare at you "can't you control your child" - NOT! It's mortifying. It's exhausting. It's amazing how many times Maggie and I fall asleep after a huge meltdown because it takes a lot of energy for her to get as worked up as she does and it takes me even more energy to ignore every judgmental parent, stay calm and protect my child from harming herself - even if that means I take a cut, scratch or hit.

Minor hand scratching with a dirty fingernail - it hurts more now because it's infected.
This one hurt, drew lots of blood and is healing. But it's all part of the job right?

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