Touchdown! This is the sign for football, the sign the referee makes when a team scores a touchdown. Maggie cannot tell you with words but she knows a touchdown when she sees one! She will also sign 'False Start' and 'Holding' - she will also shoot you a death glare if your being loud and talking and not watching the game! With the 2011 season still months away I have turned to DVD's, NFL channel, & other football related items for motivators.

We have a Snuggie, multiple Jersey's, T-shirts, keychain, car stickers, a patch on her backpack, socks, football books and football movies. And now Vikings Tissues! I thought it was cute with the socks, I think tissues might have crossed the line into excessive.
But if my options are running nose or clean nose- I'm choosing clean. Happy Child over frustrated Child. Don't Worry Be Happy!
It's a little crazy but She's a True Fan!

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