Temple Grandin

Due to watching an insane amount of award shows recently, because that's what I do, I have heard about this movie over and over again. Best made for TV movie or mini series, and the winner is, Temple Grandin. Best Actress. And the winner is, Claire Danes. Best this, most amazing that. And to be honest - Temple Grandin - you exceeded all the hipe and expectation!
"I'm different, not less"

The movie is based on the story of this woman's life. Her family's struggles, her own difficulties in expressing her needs, her dislikes, her challenges and people's own prejudices and insecurities. Now I'm not a movie reviewer so I will simply say go watch the film it's great!

For me though, watching the film hit close to home. There's a scene where Temple is spinning in a swing and swaying and then a flash back of her as a child throwing a fit at a child's birthday party. I looked over at Maggie and she was doing the same spinning and twisting of her chewy to calm herself down. Then there is a scene where this Dr. is telling Temple's mother to put her child in an institute and that it's her fault that her child is the way she is... I couldn't help but cry. Temple loves horses and cows, animals and that is Maggie through and through. I'm so fortunate to be close to horseback riding facilities for Maggie and that is something she loves!

It was a bit of an emotional roller coaster - in a good way.

It also made me smile that the movie came out February 6th, Maggie's birthday is the 3rd

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