Chewy Tubes

How Chewy's took over My Life... A long time ago I thought things like, "Where are my keys?" or "Where is my phone?" now I seem to constantly say "Where is a chewy?" I can't escape it! It's like the blob in a horror movie. At one, very well organized point, I had a chewy in my purse, the car, the diaper bag, her bedroom, and a few in the living room. 
Now I am down to one (and yes I am singing 'one is the loneliest number' in my head.)

I don't know the exact day or time when my brain turned to a focus driven force to always be aware of the exact location of the Chewy's in the house but It happened. 

I know, I know they help with oral motor, oral strength, sensory processing, speech & I'm sure other valuable ways. And we can't seem to go anywhere without them so whether I was prepared for this or not the Chewy Tube has become part of the family!

Various chewy's - prefers the green and yellow

Oh and did I mention these babies are 'Adaptive' Oh yeah!! $10-15 a tube. And don't get me started on the vibrating chewy's they start at $25 - On AMAZON of all places :)

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