This is the story of how the iPad saved me from going insane. It all started innocently enough. My Dad pulled out this $10 plastic fish aquarium, my aunt had purchased at Walgreens, to entertain Maggie with. She was hooked like a heroin. One time and then the world revolved around fish. This wasn't a problem till the fish tank died. The light went off and it started to rotate very slowly until - nothing. It was a huge meltdown of epic proportions and I do not wish to drag it from my memories so skipping a few details.

My aunt went on eBay and found a few backup tanks... The things we do for the ones we love!

It was getting to the point of ridiculous. Eventually My birthday rolled around and my dad who knows me very well and how much I love my apple toys, gave me an iPad! It was exciting! I found a fish aquarium App. (awesome mom award - I'd like to thank the academy)

Oh it has made a world of difference. She can take it in the car. She can look at her fish while waiting at therapy appointments. It's the perfect bribe, sorry Motivator, for her.
This is what the living room floor looks like every night now. Pure Happiness watching the fish swim and winding down so she can sleep. It gives her the sensory input she needs and provides me the sanity I so desperately need. Now if only I got to play with it more.... maybe an iPad 2 is in our future.

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