Cute isn't he?

Maggie's speech therapist is working on closure of the lips, control of her muscles in the mouth & her ability to blow/suck. First came blowing on a horn and a bubble machine. Now comes sucking through a straw. Of course it's not an ordinary straw... Oh Nay Nay!

It's Fancy! In fact it is 'Adaptive' - Now if the world of disabilities is new to you then let me explain. First your child is diagnosed. Then you must learn a whole new vocabulary or terms that your world will be bombarded with. I noticed everything was 'Adaptive' this or 'Adaptive' that... the description began with Autism, ASD, or Sensory. Then I noticed the price.


Why is a package of 4 straws for kiddies at Target is 4.99 and a single adaptive straw 27.99 ?!?

Not so cute anymore don't you think?

Honestly Kids are expensive!! Disabled kids ridiculously expensive! If there are health issues - I can't even imagine! But why, WHY do companies take advantage of parents who are desperate to try anything to help their children. I don't understand but I really appreciate when therapists know how stupidly priced items are so they give samples away.

Thank you Heidi!

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