Miss Snuggles

My Child has days where if I touch her she whines and hits me. Other days she wants to hug and play with my hair. Recently she's been more cuddles and snuggles then throwing fists like Mike Tyson. Which I appreciate. I like this side. I love when she'll sit next to me and want to curl up with me. And I love it even more when I have my camera convinently ready to snap the moment in time. She's just so cute and sweet and adorable - She can fool people into thinking she's an angel and would never throw a fit. Ha!
(but I know you better sweetheart)
Oh and the drool! And don't forget the Vikings t-shirt - maybe the combination of all things Maggie made for a particularly delightful child that evening. I'm not sure, but I wish I could recreate it every night! (I looked at this picture and realized the porch looks like jail bars on the window...)
My Baby is 5 and has already lost 6! six teeth! Her smile looks like such a big girl with those gaps in her mouth. And she is looking older and older everyday. I love when she's happy and connecting with me. Which often is not the case. Most nights she just wants her space and to be left alone to stem. I worry about her not wanting human contact. I have to remember that smells, textures, pressure and an assortment of other factors that I never think about - Is all that she is thinking about or control what she will or will not do.

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