Money and all things expensive

I recently read in an online newspaper that the average child in the United States costs approximately 275,000, from birth to 18, which means this does not include college. This number included basic, but not outlandish housing, food, clothing, medical costs, school supplies etc. It did not include private education, over the top vacations, or any unusual medical costs. A few weeks ago in the Parade Magazine was an article on Autism and the financial cost on the families. 1.5 million. One of the key differences was that the child lived with the parents far beyond 18 and the medical costs were incalculable to average. Those children with medical/physical disabilities are even more of a financial burden.

I know! I know I'm preaching to the choir!

Children are expensive and Special Needs children require so many costs I never thought I would be budgeting...

Food, of course but a special diet where every product averages 4x more expensive... No
Diapers - sure until 2, Maggie is 5 and toilet training is not in the near future
Medical Insurance - I assumed I would be able to work allowing for an employer to contribute in part or provide insurance. And I thought I would have a deductible of 5,000 and never pay it every year... HAHA
So the idea that my child has 2 insurance providers, 2 premiums, 2 deductibles - and uses them - is daunting.
Childcare - I was lucky and had amazing people through church help me whenever I needed it but I know this is a huge expense for the average family and at a certain point, it's hard to find care, or PCA's or anyone who is able and willing to help watch your child. It gets harder and harder to have breaks - which are priceless!
School - public school is not an option, and fortunately private at the moment is through insurance but the future is uncertain..

The future, long term planning is going to be my best friend and enemy! A daunting task I alone get to take on!

A side note to single moms -
Child support is nice even necessary, but never depend on it.

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Cath said...

It's a nightmare isn't it? We're very lucky in the UK that our healthcare is completely free, so something we'll never have to worry about but I totally understand about all the other expenses. When Bee was smaller we needed a reclining bath chair for her as she couldn't sit unaided and had outgrown the baby ones. Baby bath chairs were between £10-20 but the slightly larger ones, because they were classed as 'special needs' were over £200. Crazy! xx