A Fantastic Day!

It's a rare and wonderful thing when I get to have an entire day to relax and spend time with only one of my younger brothers. It seems I am always driving them to school or sports practice or art classes or faith formation OR... the list goes on. but due to conflicts and Maggie being at therapy all day Uncle David and I were able to enjoy the company of each other! I asked him what he wanted to do and without hesitation he said I would like to try sushi and go to the Minneapolis Art Institute.


I took him to a local small sushi bar that I really enjoy and ordered about 6 different rolls for him to try. He scarfed them all down, but concluded that he likes hot japanese food, hibachi, but likes the sushi too... I just love the fact he is so willing to try anything!

I love Minneapolis Museums - Minnesota is known for creating and maintaining top of the line museums and the Art museum is no different! It's front entry is impressive and screams "photograph me!"
We had a blast goofing around and taking pictures of each other - it also lead to a perfect opportunity for us to talk, which is impressive for any 14 year old boy!

Realistically with all of crazy summer plans, vacations, and school fast approaching I know this days are not as often as I would like - but that's why I cherish and hold on to days like these - as Van Morrison would sing!

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