Uncle David's Graduation

Uncle David is officially an High Schooler! He graduated from All Saints Middle School a couple weeks ago and I am so proud of him for being an awesome brother and a patient, loving Uncle! At 14, he is calm, attentive and caring towards his niece. He has chosen friends who are also respectful and inclusive towards her. He will be attending Holy Angels High School next year and I am excited that he will be playing Soccer (which he loves!) but he is also excited over another aspect of this wonderful school. Younger siblings, or nieces are encouraged to be a part of their families involvement and are considered "Honorary Angels" - All this means is Maggie is welcomed and always invited to attend games or practices. A friend of mine even made an adorable Cheerleader outfit for her! We are extremely proud of David! He has grown so much sense being "Baby David"

And yes he is just shy of 6ft... Crazy!

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