I'm that person!

I can't help but judge and think about how I would handle the situation when I see flat out terrible parenting! I don't mean overwhelmed or in a single moment maybe slack off in a teachable moment or stressed "Yes, you can have the chocolate" parent. I mean the lazy, allow your child to do anything and get away with everything parent. And when that parent, more importantly their offspring affects my child - I step in! Case in point - I'm sitting in a waiting room waiting for my child to finish therapy and mother with her 18 month old son sits near me and begins to talk to the moms in the room. Her son proceeds to pull every book off of the shelf and throws them around ( I grew up an English teachers daughter, we always respected books!) Instead of dealing with this child, the Mom just smiled at him. He then climbed on the table and started screaming... These types of events continued on a daily bases for a week or so, I never said anything but I'm sure my face was not covering up my feelings for her in actions.

Yesterday when picking up my child she noticed this little boy and his behavior and she decided to imitate him...

I was not amused.

I told Maggie in a firm voice, "Get Down, You do not climb on the furniture" She whined and got down. She then started taking books and throwing them. I took the book from her and said "NO! You are not allowed to throw books. We read books,k one at a time. Help me clean up! First Clean, Then look at. You may pick out a book to look at." I must have shot this mother a look because she wold not make eye contact with me after this short and sweet conversation with my child.

I'm not sure if she was embarrassed or annoyed with me but I was not going to let her child's poor decisions affect my child!

That's my rant for the moment!

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