Attends to a task...
A) Sometimes
B) Often
C) Always
D) Never

Well... If you ask me this question in the context of a task that Miss Mags is not interested in then of course it's D. But if it's something she has interest in then possibly A. But if it's something she loves that is a whole new level of attending to a task that is amazing! I have spoken before of my love affair of all things APPLE and the iPad is no different! It is amazing how a meltdown to calm happy child with a touch of my finger to the screen. And football has never failed me yet! Gosh I can't imagine how my kiddo will do if the selfish owners continue their dumb strike and there is no football this fall, I may have to take her down to the headquarters and let her meltdown for them... whatever it takes! But I digress, I am shocked and so impressed by her ability to focus, pay attention and understand what she is watching! It's incredible to me :)

After an hour she is still watching and getting excited at the correct points, signing touchdown when the receiver crossed into the end zone.
Perhaps in 20 years we will have woman referees...
(always with chewy in hand...)

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Cath said...

I'm afraid my Bee falls under the 'sometimes' category when focusing. She has a very short attentions span. Like Maggie though, when it's something that interests her she can focus for ages!
Could I ask, how useful do you find the chewy tube? My girl's SLT has recommended it as an aid to learn chewing and combat tactile defensiveness xx