My First Car

My first car was a new VW Bug, shiny Navy Blue with tan interior, awesome sound system with 6 CD changer, a vase for my fake flower next to the steering wheel. My Parents gave me the car on one condition - that I drove my younger brothers to school and any activities. David was in Kindergarten and Andy Preschool. The first thing I did after the initial excitement was to print up rules to "Myky's Car" I still have a couple somewhere, but I went to the trouble of laminating them at my mom's school... No Food, no Drinks other than water, I choose the Music - will accept requests (My brothers went through a Maroon 5 phase where I heard 'The phone song 5,000 times) I was tough and sometimes mean but always loving and an awesome sister!

My have things have changed... I drive so much with Maggie and usually she's very good but when she requests cereal I'm so proud she signed I will give her what she asked for. And she's not a clean eater... My Car usually smells like peanut butter panda puffs despite my efforts... And if she doesn't like the music she lets me know!

I used to waste a lot of energy worrying but I got over it! I've resolved the fact my life may never be clean and organized again - Life with children


Cath said...

Life with children indeed! :-)
Bethany isn't eating yet but even without that she manages to make an incredible amount of mess whereever she is! Usually drool and bits of soggy cardboard from her very chewed-on board books! xx

Tyra Shortino said...

Life with children can be fun and messy at the same time! My kids also do the same thing, and it can be annoying sometimes. But knowing that they are having fun while doing messy stuff makes me a happy daddy! =)