3 weeks ago Maggie started an awesome new therapy, ABA - Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy. If you want to learn more click Here. 40 hours a week! It's her full time job! And she is a hard worker.
Today she crashed! Hard.

I had to adjust her sleep schedule from 8 or 9pm to 7pm - which took a few days to adjust to too. And I used to wake her up at 7:30, now 6 - easier for miss happy morning girl than her caffiene addicted mother. She has fallen asleep in the car on the long drive home a few times but for the most part she's been a trooper!

Yesterday I was a mean mom and took her to evening Mass. It started at 5, she was already tired by the time we got home at 6:30 and had increased her exhaustion with excessive crying. This morning she woke up and she watched 'Finding Nemo' played with Kanye, books and spilled her cereal, by noon she had consumed nothing caloric. When she eats like a bird that's normal, but when she refuses to eat even foods she likes... never a good sign. She then cried and begged for a drink and started requesting 'Sleep, Sleep'. I put her in bed and she was out after about 2 seconds of crying and has been sleeping for the past 2 hours... I'm going to pay for this tonight...

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