Myk n Mags

Someone jealous of me... that's ridiculous! A mom friend of mine confessed to me she was envious of the relationship Maggie and I have. Single parents with single children. Not that she isn't in love with her husband and we had a good laugh over that but she jokingly said she didn't like sharing her children with so many others. Now I know this woman very well and she has it great! An awesome husband! 4 cool kids. But I can see her point in a way... One child may confide in one parent over the other. Or in a sibling. And with the addition of the lack of language skills no one understands Maggie, like I do. My parents and brothers try. Her therapists are with her all day and are great. And then there are those who may care for her but aren't around often enough to know her. But I know her... and no surprise in many ways she's a mini me... and in other ways she is her own little unique person.

Maggie's Baptism

Chillin' on Lake Michigan in the windy city, thus the wild hair

It's rough having an angel face... with drool and all :-)

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