As of Late

A typical day for Myk n Mags, I have to laugh a little to myself when I see the word typical... but you understand what I mean... Our schedule is pretty consistent.

6am - Myk wakes up showers and gets ready
6:30am - Maggie wakes up and gets ready
7:10am - breakfast in the car, drive to ABA
8am - Arrive at Autism Matters - Maggie works hard, learns new and interesting things!
I have classes, errands, meeting, paperwork, homework etc during the day until I finally drive back and
4pm - Maggie pick up and drive home in rush hour traffic
5-5:30pm - Arrive home, prepare dinner, bath, football or VeggieTales, books and play time
7pm - Maggie is requesting with signs to go to sleep and believe me, she's ready!

Somedays she looks like this... not so happy and in need of a snack
But most days she looks like this... 40 hours a week is a lot and she is one tired girl! but she's making such progress! New signs, better eye contact, more sounds, better behavior and all around wonderful progress :)

My sleeping angel face

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Mikaela said...

Hey Myk,
From the pics of your sleepy girl it looks like the summer is keeping you busy! She is so sweet! I had a quick question for you and couldn't find an email address so I figured commenting on your blog is the only other way :) I was in contact with Peta Colton from SAKKS.org and we were talking about putting together a page for the sakks newsletter with links to blog addresses for those families who write about or would like to follow blogs about kabuki syndrome. I was wondering if it would be ok to give her your blog address to be included in the newsletter? I love hearing about what you and Maggie are up to, and I am sure others would to, but I would also understand if you would rather keep it private. Either way just let me know!