Rolling in the DEEP

From home to Autism Matters every morning takes about 35 minutes. Morning radio is okay but usually boring and I typically turn it off and hit shuffle on the iPod. Maggie can be quite vocal about what she likes and what she doesn't care for. Recently I have learned that she really likes Bob Dylan... And this lovely lady... the talented Adele.
This morning though was different, Adele's song 'Rolling in the Deep' came on and Maggie started to sway back and forth in her seat, her own type of dancing, and all of a sudden the sound "Dee" pops out of her mouth.

I was shocked!

I waited and she still danced and then the chorus came up again and she said "Deep"!
Clear as day!
It was wonderful and I started singing to the song which she loved and for approximately 4 minutes she was delighted with herself and her accomplishment, rightfully so!

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