Pan - O - Prag Part 2

Ever wish you just stayed home? This event was suppose to be relaxing, easy going and I thought how bad can it be? My mom, uncle Andy and I took Maggie to meet some friends to watch the parade and cheer our friend on. We found out before the parade that he was pretty far back and it may be an hour till we see him, that was the first bad part. The second came when the parade was delayed for half an hour and we had already been waiting for an hour. THEN the fire department put a hose out for the kids to play in which was fun except it sent Maggie over the edge! (Next year we can't be anywhere near it!) She wanted to play in it and I hadn't brought clothes for her. My mom took her and she was soaked and cold after playing for almost an hour I cut her off. I'm a terrible mother but her lips were blue. This is when things started to go wrong. Maggie started crying and melting down, I wanted to leave, but my car was blocked in by the parade and we were their for a friend. So I tried everything to calm her down. Walked with her, squeezed her to give her pressure, cereal, sippy cup, Uncle Andy and our friend Noah tried to help, my mom took several turns. Everyone in our group just felt for her and wanted to help and kept saying 'it's okay', 'she'll eventually tire out and want to watch the parade.' The moms were joking about how awful their children were when they were young, it put me at ease because I was feeling so bad for how miserable Maggie was. But I was also aware I was getting dirty looks, judgmental faces were glaring at me and I wanted to disappear. After several hours our friend Lars finally made his way down the parade route to us! Maggie was excited to see him and I was excited to finally be leaving!

But just before we saw him I had the unfortunate pleasure to meet the rudest and meanest woman in Lakeville. I had a picture of her but decided to delete it and make it more universal. But has anyone ever had some pretty awful encounters with strangers? This woman was so rude and nasty and I understood that my child was miserable but her words just made me so mad I was trying to just respond nicely, kill them with kindness kind of deal!

But after all that drama we saw them...

I have no idea how they do it! but I saw his video's on youtube and he's crazy talented!

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